Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New concept

Hello everyone,
I am a Senior at OSU Stillwater. My name is Adam and i have an assignment that was given to me by my teacher and it goes like this. A new area of PR, mixed with the newest technology is here. That is right folks this is not your mothers old school teachings. This is getting real. No longer can we sit down and Email the info, we are here in the information age. If it bleeds it leads. The OSU Journalism and Broadcasting college has turned its attention to implementing new ways of getting there students to interact with real life in this assignment. What it is doing for the first time is getting us, as lazy as we are out in the middle of the information so that we can get the In's and the outs of this thing we call technology mixed with PR. Along with having to blog we have to set up a media release and a social media release about this first time assignment. Once again this assignment is the first of its kind and I am worried because I have never blogged before so if any one has any comments or corrections please respond and i will learn how to blog.